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The metal powder injection molding or MIM (Metal Injection Molding) above procedure is a possible variant of the material powder injection molding.

This process allows complex metallic components directly without postprocessing step produced. Depending on the complexity of this procedure can already at 5000 parts per year produced economical. It is a strength of this procedure the possibility of subsequent assembly work on them. Of course, it is also possible as indicated by several well-known molding parts ten thousand a year to produce.

With a density of the manufactured components of higher than 98% in the manufactured components are nearly the properties of raw materials. The cost of the components depend heavily on the component size. Are the big components, the material play the largest role. For small components the impact of the cost covered by the tool, the handling and the sintering are naturally higher. Some components may result in the Ceramic Injection an interesting alternative, since the sintering partially simplified drainage.

For the powder injection has its own design rules. In addition to a spritzgie▀gerechten design, material-specific peculiarities must be respected and also the rules for the sintering process must be respected. These design rules are you in a few months here.

Generally there are no material restrictions on the powder injection molding. The following metals have been used at the IMF III: carbonyl Fe, 316L, 17-4PH, Cu, WC-Co, W, W-alloys.

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