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There are a variety of applications in this field.

At this point we want you with a selection of videos on the powder injection on the one hand a further insight into the process and other possible applications to imagine. To do this we will present 2 different tool systems imagine. First, a two-component tool in the tool-maker Z toolmaking and in another video, we will provide you the microsystem 50 of Wittmann Battenfeld company with a tool for the Z-Werkzeugbau imagine. All videos are presented to the PIM process and have been since the IMF III of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH as part of research to create SFB 499.

2 component powder injection moulding
micro injection moulding

In addition to the videos presented in the applications, there are a multitude of applications in the field of Medzintechnik in the meantime, for example Brackets by powder injection molding are made. But other applications through the powder injection molding solved. If you also use your example to contribute to this point to improve, please contact us.


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