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By debinding is a high proportion of manufacturing costs as the process depending on the thickness of up to 7 days can be. By wrong Litigation can also cracks, pores, or deformities occur.

There are different types of Entbinderns. For debinding the green, so the injection part in the Entbinderungsofen set. After the end of this process is managed by a Braunling spoken. To better Braunling transport will be able to, in some cases, a portion of the binder component in the left. There is a difference between the process step debinding and the end of the Entbinderns. During the sintering, this remaining organic component dissolved and the component is completely entbindert.

Here is the moment only the thermal debinding are presented. In the thermal debinding Grünlinge be stored in a furnace and the furnace is heated defined. This decomposition of the organic binder. Depending on the material in the atmosphere should be respected, so that no chemical reactions occur during debinding. After completion of the bond process follows the subsequent step that sintering.

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