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Ceramic injection moulding | CIM

The ceramic powder injection moulding, so-called CIM is a material variant of the powder injection molding.
With this procedure can be complex components made of ceramics manufacture. As with the metal injection molding, this method is also especially for complex components economically. Try a general statement on the cost-benefit ratio for small components in the dental field used to draw from can be an economic production from about 40 000 pieces of ready to talk.

For larger components or complex components, this procedure can, however, even at lower volumes goal lead. A general statement can be very difficult to meet.
The advantages of ceramic injection molding are obvious. It is possible ceramic components with a tolerance of + / - <0.3% in a mass process. It can be reached a good surface quality without the component to a postprocessing step to take. It is also very complex components with this process, were already at the IMF III trials successfully in a Ausdrehwerkzeug with Keramikfeedstock performed. The good properties of the ceramic material will remain there.

In addition to dealing with special conductive heating systems also create ceramics. On IMF III has already been extensive tests with this material. For questions, please contact us.

In addition, the following materials were already on the IMF III used: Al2O3, ZrO2, ZrO2-Al2O3, Al2O3/TiN (electrically conductive ceramic)

In recent studies were Grünlinge with computed tomography procedures characterized. This could blowholes properly detected. Investigations Ferrules in a production-by-step through the powder injection molding to produce the required tolerances showed in recent years, the influences of process parameters on the component dimensions. A doctoral thesis about this is currently in preparation.

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